Fort Riley Address
1st Infantry Div Bldg # 500
Fort Riley, KS
(785) 239-3911

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Fort Riley Kansas

Fort Riley is located in Northeast Kansas, on the Kansas River, between Junction City and Manhattan. The base serves United States Army. 1st Infantry Division occupies the base. The base covers 100656 acres. The base was built in 1853.

Fort Riley is named in honor of Major General Bennett C. Riley who led the first military escort along the Santa Fe Trail. The housing is available based on ranks and under different floor plans. The base provides training to Military Transition Teams, MiTTs. The base has a daytime population of 25000.
Fort Riley has started training Military Transition Teams, or MiTTs. These 10-15 man teams from across the Army, Navy and Air Force train at Fort Riley's Camp Funston for 60 days. The base was built as a military post to protect the movement of people and trade over the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails. Colonel Thomas T. Smith is the Garrison Commander of the base.